Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mia-isms Part Deux...

Mia and I were reading books before bed one night and I asked her "what color are the grapes?'"  She said, "Orange!  No, actually they're purple."

One Saturday we were out running errands.  Bryan and I were discussing the places we needed to go when Mia interrupts and says, "Babe, can we go to Wally-Mart?"

We were out on a Sunday drive and Mia was throwing a little tantrum.  Bryan gave her fair warning and told her if she didn't straighten up that he was going to pull the car over and give her a spanking.  She kept at it and so Bryan abruptly pulled off to the side of the road and Mia bellows out, "OH GRACIOUS!"

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katie said...

"Oh gracious," is my favorite! I love that she uses a phrase like that. I'm certain I would break out in laughter.