Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering Our Katerbug

I think the hardest part about living in California is being so far away from Kate's grave site. Although I've never really felt the need to spend time there to feel comfort, I do love visiting the beautiful cemetery and decorating her grave site. {I must say the Fillmore Cemetery is one of the most beautiful, peaceful cemeteries I've been to}. I miss being able to jump in the car and drive the 1 1/2 hours, especially on special occasions as her "angel" day, Memorial Day and her birthday. But, it's so great to have such a wonderful family who visits often and makes sures Kate's grave site is well kept and decorated ohhh so cute.

Greg & SuSan's kids {Will, Drew, Gavin & Devin}

The Rosenvall motto for 2010 is: New adventures, new traditions. For as long as I can remember, we have always spent Memorial Day weekend in Fillmore. Since we were not able to be there this year, we decided that we needed to start some new traditions. So, we spent the morning at the Oceanside tri-ward annual military tribute and breakfast. As part of our ward boundaries cover Camp Pendleton, we have quite a few military families in our ward. I feel so grateful for those who put their lives on the line to fight for the freedom of our country.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach, talking about Kate and shopping for a new camera. Apparently sand and cameras don't mix. So, the camera has been out of commission the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of pictures. However, I did manage to snap a shot with my phone of this sassy little thing........

Monday, May 17, 2010

Girl's Weekend

This past weekend, six of my best girlfriends came to Cali for a girl's weekend. It's been over a year and a half since we were all together. We spent the weekend lounging at the beach, shopping and eating, eating and eating some more. I feel so lucky to have such incredible influences in my life.
Bryan and Mia had a daddy/daughter weekend, so this was a win-win deal! He's such a great sport!

A Special Day For Moms

I have to say that I am the luckiest mom around. I have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, who I absolutely love and adore. There is no better career for me than being a mommy.
I'm also the luckiest daughter to have such a beautiful, charitable, selfless mother. I can only hope to be half the mother to my children that she is to me.
It was such a great weekend. I heard a rumor that there was a new Cafe Rio in Lake Forest {about 30 miles away}. It's been 4 1/2 months since I have devoured a grilled chicken salad and have been craving one ever since we moved. So to celebrate being a mommy I chose to dine at Cafe Rio and it was worth every bite {and every mile driven}. Afterward, we drove to Newport Beach to get a cupcake from Sprinkles. Much to my dismay, the line was a bazillion miles long. Now, I love me a good Sprinkles cupcake, but I'm not crazy enough to wait in line for 10 hours to get one. So, we settled for a Susie's Cakes cupcake and it was oh so good!Mother's Day itself was awesome. The bishopric of our ward {with the help of the wives} put together a special luncheon for all the relief society sisters. During the 3rd block we enjoyed some yummy food and listened to stories of mother's of the prophets. I've never heard of other wards doing this, so it was a real treat......Only in California.

Later that evening, my good friend Michelle and her sweet baby Elizabeth came over for dinner. Michelle's husband was just deployed and I was so happy to spend Mother's Day with this amazing mother.

Miss Elizabeth and Mia. Silly girls.
Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing, hard-working mothers out there. You are so loved and appreciated!

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Tigers and Bears are for the birds.......or so Mia thinks. She prefers just hanging out with these feathery friends.

We found this darling little ladybug and thought it would fit in perfectly at Kate's grave site.

U * T * A * H

A couple of weeks ago Mia and I had the chance to go to Utah and visit my family. Since Bryan was out of town for the week, I decided that I had better get one more flight in before we have to start paying for a plane ticket for Mia. It was so great seeing my family and Mia had a ball with all of her cousins.Drew, Devin, Mia and Gavin doing what kids to best!

Four Generations
My mom, Grandma Christensen {Great}, Mia and I

Grandpa Great
Grandma Great
Uncle Buck {Weston}, Kirstin, Motley & Cash came and met us before we flew home.
Kisses from Cash

LA Ragnar

Team Jaydie
April 23-24, 2010

A few weekds ago I get a phone call from my cousin's wife, Jen, who lives in Arizona and they had 2 teams put together for the LA Ragnar. One of the members of their team had gotten an injury and therefore had to drop out of the race. Jen thought of me, bless her heart, and since I hadn't done a single race since November I said "sign me up." So, a week and a half later we met for a weekend full of aches and pains, very little sleep and over 200 miles of crazy running fanatics! The LA Ragnar is actually quite new to the series. In fact, this was only the second year. We started the race in Ventura, CA and ended in Dana Point,CA. It was so much fun and I met some pretty cool people, not to mention got to spend some time with Matt and Jen.

Vans 1 and 2 at the starting line

Jen and I 5 miles into our 10 mile leg! 10 miles down....12 miles left to go!
Team Jaydie 1 and Team Jaydie 2 at the finish line.