Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kindergarten Orientation

The day has come that we have all been anxiously awaiting....The first day of Kindergarten.  Mia has been looking forward to this day for a LONG time.  She had such a great experience in preschool and had such an amazing teacher, Miss Michelle (who we already miss), who prepared and pepped her students up for kindergarten.  I'm so excited to have Mia in school.  I don't love the fact that she is growing up so fast, though. She has such an enthusiasm for learning and it's been so fun to see how passionate she is about school. 
Today, I got to go with Mia to kindergarten orientation and got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Rollins, see her new classroom and also meet her classmates. I can already tell that it's going to be a fun year.

 We ran into our friends on the way to orientation.
 She's official
 Starting work already!
 Learning all about Kindergarten.
Hannah, London and Mia  - Preschool Pals

Sunday, August 11, 2013


One of Mia's favorite books is Silverlicious and it's about how Pinkalicious loses a tooth, not just any tooth - but her sweet tooth! Suddenly candy no longer tastes sweet! With her pinkatastic pen, Pinkalicious writes a note to the Tooth Fairy and tucks it under her pillow... only to hear from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and a Christmas elf instead. It is not until the Tooth Fairy finally responds—and works some magic—that Pinkalicious discovers where sweetness really comes from.  Anyway, ever since she got this book, she has been obsessed with losing a tooth.  On many occasions, she will ask me to feel one of her teeth and ask if it's wiggly yet.

While we were in Utah, she bit into an apple and noticed that one of her bottom teeth was loose.  She kept wiggling it and wiggling it and it finally came out while we were camping.  She decided to wait until she got home to put it under her pillow, just to be sure that the she wouldn't miss the Tooth Fairy.  Well, that Tooth Fairy never disappoints and put under her pillow $1 and 3 silver coins (quarters) as requested.  Score!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday S'mores

We just purchased this fire pit and had to try it out.  What better way to break it in than roasting marshmallows and whipping up S'mores.  The weather at night has been so nice lately and so it's actually been cool enough to enjoy being outside.  I love it, but in a way it's just a sign that summer is coming to an end.