Thursday, December 31, 2009

20 Months & 10 days

As I have been trying to pack and get ready to move, I've been going through some of Kate's clothes and picking out the ones that Mia can fit in to, setting them aside and boxing up those that she has outgrown. Each little outfit of Kate's has so much meaning and it's so great {for me} to see Mia wearing her little skirts and jammies and bows and shoes. After Kate passed away, I didn't think I could bear to have anyone else wear them, even her little sister. It was a debate I had with myself the three weeks before Mia was born. I finally made the decision that I wanted to have sweet memories of Kate every day. Having these small little reminders of her each day sure puts a smile on my face.

Kate was 20 months and 10 days when she passed away. As I was organizing her clothes and thinking back to the time that Kate wore each little outfit, I started thinking that Mia would be close to the same age now that Kate was when she died. I did the math and realized that Mia is exactly 20 months and 10 days today. These are small tender mercies, but I am so grateful that I have them every now and then.

My brother, Greg, gave the most beautiful talk at Kate's funeral. He gave an analogy of Kate and Mia at the airport; Kate returning from a wonderful trip and Mia getting ready for a new adventure. They see each other; Kate going one way and Mia going the other. When they meet, they embrace each other and Mia asks Kate to tell her all about this wonderful trip and the people she met. Kate tells her:

1) Get used to having dumb curlers in your hair because Mom is obsessed with curlers.
2) Don't get attached to ANYTHING because dad loves selling things
3) Oh, and you will probably have a sweet tooth because mom LOVES treats, and dad does too!

I love to imagine the reunion they must have had. I miss Kate EVERY day, but am so very grateful for Mia and the sweet reminder of Kate she is. They are two very different, but special, angels to me and I feel so very lucky that I am their mama!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Naughty and the Nice

The Jolly Ol' Fella sure was good to some of this year and not so good to others. Let's start off with Miss Mia:

She must have been on Santa's "good girl list" even with her love/hate relationship with Santa (see previous post). Her eyes lit up immediately when she saw this gem that was left under the Christmas tree. She couldn't wait to take "Kitty" for a spin (after spin after spin). Poor Kitty!

An aspiring princess, Santa brought the most important accessories, but forgot the most vital.....the gown!

Santa must have known that Mia would be spending A LOT of time at the beach this upcoming year and left her this shabby little number. What a bathing beauty!!!

As for me, Santa brought a new, sophisticated (as Bryan describes it) look this year.....not sure if that puts me on his good girl list or not???

Last but not least.....Bryan must have been on Santa's naughty list this year as he brought him a torn Achilles tendon with surgery 2 days before Christmas. He also brought him a nice slip on the ice (on Christmas Eve) and an almost trip to the ER. Thank goodness Santa is a good man and ended up just giving him a nice bruised hand.

As the new year approaches, the Rosenvall's all aspire to be on Santa's "Nice" list this coming year. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you an even happier New Year!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Need for Explanation......

....Her Face Says It All!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthdays, Trees, Lights And A Time To Be Thankful.....

I can't believe how fast Thanksgiving has come and gone. It is definitely my very favorite holiday....for many reasons:

1. Spending time with family
2. Eating....eating.....and more eating!
3. A certain someone was born on Thanksgiving Day!!!
4. A time to reflect on the MANY things to be grateful for.

The week before Thanksgiving we drove to California to look for a place to live. On the way down we stayed in Mesquite and I ran my 11th half marathon. I'm hoping to run one more before the end of the year, but I don't think it's going to happen people. Someone, please remind me that when making this coming year's new year's resolutions to not commit to something physical. I think this year I'm just going to stick with the old "I'm going to stop drinking Diet Coke this year" resolution and then fail miserably before New Year's Day is over :) Mia is also making a New Year's Resolution to lay off the DC.....Such great parenting.
We had a great time in San Diego. Bryan worked most the time we were down there and so it was up to me to go to the housing appointments. Let me just say that I am THANKFUL for GPS or I would've been a lost mess. We found a place in Oceanside and we'll be moving the middle to end of January. This is so bitter-sweet as we are really looking forward to the adventure, but I don't know what I'm going to do being so far from our family and dear friends. We just hope we have LOTS of visitors!!!
On our way back from California, we stayed in Fillmore for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun having my whole family there (except for Jeff who will be coming home in June.....YAY). The weather was so nice and so it made it so much easier cutting trees this year (a Thanksgiving tradition). There's nothing I love more than a fresh cut Christmas tree.

On Tuesday we celebrated Finn's 1st birthday at Kangaroo Zoo. This is the first time Mia has been there and couldn't get enough of it. Here's the handsome birthday boy:

The highlight of the party was definitely the cupcakes......and a mighty fine cupcake it was!
And yes.......I celebrated birthday #31. Where did those 31 years go?? There's no better way to celebrate your birthday (belated) than Girl's Night Out. It's been almost 9 years since I graduated from college and I feel so fortunate to keep in contact with some of my old roommates. We spent hours laughing and reminiscing about the good ol' SUU days. Good times. And last but not least.......the lights at Temple Square.