Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthdays, Trees, Lights And A Time To Be Thankful.....

I can't believe how fast Thanksgiving has come and gone. It is definitely my very favorite holiday....for many reasons:

1. Spending time with family
2. Eating....eating.....and more eating!
3. A certain someone was born on Thanksgiving Day!!!
4. A time to reflect on the MANY things to be grateful for.

The week before Thanksgiving we drove to California to look for a place to live. On the way down we stayed in Mesquite and I ran my 11th half marathon. I'm hoping to run one more before the end of the year, but I don't think it's going to happen people. Someone, please remind me that when making this coming year's new year's resolutions to not commit to something physical. I think this year I'm just going to stick with the old "I'm going to stop drinking Diet Coke this year" resolution and then fail miserably before New Year's Day is over :) Mia is also making a New Year's Resolution to lay off the DC.....Such great parenting.
We had a great time in San Diego. Bryan worked most the time we were down there and so it was up to me to go to the housing appointments. Let me just say that I am THANKFUL for GPS or I would've been a lost mess. We found a place in Oceanside and we'll be moving the middle to end of January. This is so bitter-sweet as we are really looking forward to the adventure, but I don't know what I'm going to do being so far from our family and dear friends. We just hope we have LOTS of visitors!!!
On our way back from California, we stayed in Fillmore for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun having my whole family there (except for Jeff who will be coming home in June.....YAY). The weather was so nice and so it made it so much easier cutting trees this year (a Thanksgiving tradition). There's nothing I love more than a fresh cut Christmas tree.

On Tuesday we celebrated Finn's 1st birthday at Kangaroo Zoo. This is the first time Mia has been there and couldn't get enough of it. Here's the handsome birthday boy:

The highlight of the party was definitely the cupcakes......and a mighty fine cupcake it was!
And yes.......I celebrated birthday #31. Where did those 31 years go?? There's no better way to celebrate your birthday (belated) than Girl's Night Out. It's been almost 9 years since I graduated from college and I feel so fortunate to keep in contact with some of my old roommates. We spent hours laughing and reminiscing about the good ol' SUU days. Good times. And last but not least.......the lights at Temple Square.


Candace said...

I am so proud of you working so hard to complete your goal! You've made it this far. Finish one more race. I'm trying to train for one in January and completing one 1/2 marathon might kill me. I don't know how you have done 11 in 11 months! Good job. Best of luck in California.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday. We will sure miss you when you move to Cali. And that is a HUGE piece of cake BTW!

Nick Scott Family said...

Happy Birthday Marcae!

The Dumas Family said...

All I know is you're one beautiful 31 year-old. I'm glad you guys had a nice, safe time and you found a nice place to live (DANG IT!) Your 11 half marathons are an amazing accomplishment. I can believe you did it, I just can't believe you wanted to. If you want, I'll come down and set up a finish line at the end of a 13 mile run for you and we'll time it and everything. I'll even make you pancakes to eat afterwards. (Notice I didn't say I would run it with you) You can blame Aunt Lindsey for the Diet Coke if you need to. She's just following Laney and Grayden's example.

Erik Isakson said...

I stumbled on your blog while looking at the Henstrom's blog. I'm a friend of Bryans from high school. We live in Ladera Ranch (south OC). Welcome to CA! You'll love it. Pass along my info to Bryan and if you guys need anything let me know. You'll be living about 35 min south of us. Good luck with everything
Erik Isakson

Vicki said...

Hi Marcae! I'm finally catching up on my friends blogs. I miss you guys tons! It was great to read your blog and catch up on all the fun and exciting things your family has been doing. I especially loved the ones of your trip to Europe. How FUN! I'm so sad to hear though that you guys are moving! I hope it all goes well for you! We will definitely call and visit the next time we are in that neck of the woods. Anyway, have a great Christmas and New Year and we will talk to you later!