Friday, June 8, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

We feel so spoiled to have such yummy produce fields right in our back yard.  Today we spent the day with some friends at the strawberry fields picking out our very own strawberries.  I'm so intrigued by the technique they use to harvest the berries.  They actually use a unique and inventive Hydroponic system that makes it easy and fun for picking.  The kids were each given a pair of scissors and a bucket and were let loose.  They (we) all had a ball.

{Mia and Mason}

{Mia & Mallory}

{Mason & Mia showing off their strawberries}

{Bethanie, Mason & Cole}

{Sherry & Mallory}

{Merek reaping the rewards of all the hard labor}

{Monkey Mason}