Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Christmas has come and gone and I can hardly believe that we are almost into a new year. I am amazed how quickly time goes. They say "time flies when you're having fun," so I guess we're having too much fun!!! We had a great Christmas, other than the fact that we were away from our families. I have to say that having a 2 1/2 year old just adds to the magic of Christmas. Mia soaked up every aspect of the holiday. She made sure to add "Santi Claus" in all of her prayers. She was so excited to leave cookies for him and was feeling extra generous that she graciously left her Binky for him to take in exchange for gifts. So, yes, we are officially Binky-less (hooray!). Thank you jolly ol' fella!  So, here's how we spent our holidays.

We spent our holiday in Brutal......
.....BRUTAL  weather!!!

I didn't get around to sending out a Christmas card this year, but I sure did enjoy receiving them.  There will always be next year, right?  So, here is an attempt for a {sort of} holiday family photo.


We spent Christmas Eve with the Moffat fam in Fallbrook.  Johnathan's family was so gracious to host 3 extras this year and we are so grateful for their hospitality.  After a delicious dinner we read from Luke 2 and then the Moffat's continued their holiday tradition of opening Christmas PJ's.  Beth (Johnathan's mom) didn't want Mia to feel left out in the gift opening and so she got to open up a gift containing this darling princess veil.  As you can tell, Mia LOVES it!!!
 Poor Johnathan taking a beating from the kiddos.  He's such a good sport.
When we got home, Mia opened her pre-Christmas gift.....jammies! 
 On our last trip to Utah, Mia got an early Christmas gift from her Grandma Roper......a ladybug Pillow Pet.  She LOVES her Pillow Pet and was so excited that her PJ's matched.
 Leaving cookies for Santi Claus.  Mia had to test them to make sure Santi was going to like them.
 As you can see, Mia was feeling generous by leaving her Binky for Santa (yes, at 2 1/2, she still thinks she needs one much to my dismay).  Well, the Binky is officially gone and we (Bryan and I) are thrilled.  However, the other day Mia was up playing in her room and came to me with a Binky in hand saying, "Mom.....look what Santi Claus left for me."  Oh no!!  Luckily, she's over it and we were able to throw it away with no tears.  Whew!!!


Santa Delivers!! Woot Woot!
 She was so excited when she saw her new drawing board that she had no interest in opening any of her other gifts....go figure. So, the gift opening ended up being an all-day ordeal.  Luckily, she only had a few to open.
 After the Christmas morning festivities, we spent the afternoon at the beach.  It was such a beautiful, warm day.
 Mia testing out her new bubbles!
 Oh how I love this sweet face!
We hope that you all enjoyed your holiday season and wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ahhhh.....December! Where are you going?

Here it is the 20th of December and I'm sitting here thinking, "where did this month go?"  I love the holiday season.  This year has been full of fun new traditions and adventures for our family and we are so grateful for both.  We decided to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas here in California as we had a wedding in Utah the second weekend in December.  So instead of making 2 back-to-back trips, we decided to go to Utah for the wedding and  celebrate Christmas a little early with our families while there.  I forget how much I miss the snow during the holidays.  Don't get me wrong, I have really loved being able to wear flip-flops and shorts year-round, but there's just something about having snow during Christmas time that really gets me in the Christmas spirit (although, there wasn't much snow while we were there)! 
So here's a little peek of our December!  We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a bright  Happy New Year!!!

Instead of trekking up a mountain in the snow, our Christmas tree hunting experience was a little different this year and quite easy, actually.  We headed to a tree lot and picked out the most beautiful, fragrant Noble Fir.  Here Mia and Bryan are testing it to make sure it produces enough sap.  I think we have a winner!
 Forget the trees, Mia was enamored by the dancing Santa and Mrs. Claus.

This has been such a fun year as Mia is loving the "magic" of Christmas.  She was so helpful putting the lights on and had to make sure that every branch was covered.

 We've loved having lots of play dates with miss Julia!

And of course......Santa, Santa, SANTA!!!
Little Santa....
 Scary Santa....
 .....and Yummy Santa!!!

We have been waiting a LONG time for this day to come.  Stan FINALLY got hitched!!!  Let me tell you a little bit about our good friend Stan.  Let's just say we are forever indebted to this man.....or at least that's what he likes to say.  You see, he is the cupid that set Bryan and I up 7 years ago.  So yes, Stan, we are forever indebted to you!!!  Congrats to you and Melinda!!
It has been many, many years since these guys were all together.  It was a fun reunion!

While in Utah we got to meet sweet Sulivan for the first time.  Isn't she a doll?  We were also able to be there for her blessing!  It was such a special day
Mia couldn't get enough of little Suli.  She reminds me often how much she wants a baby sister!!!

All the Roper cousins

 Oh and last but not least......White Elephant Extravaganza!!!
We hosted a holiday party this year along with the Moffats and had a ball.  Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a Christmas spread and white elephant gift exchange.  I must say that the term "white elephant" has evolved over the years.  There were some pretty legit gifts given (i.e. a working scanner, the Harry Potter book series, a duct tape wallet (hand-made), and a Shake Weight (see picture below)!
These adult "cross bone and skull footsies" were sure a big hit!
Bryan secretly was hoping he'd get the Shake Weight.....and his wish came true.  I {obviously} thought it was pretty funny.....can't you tell?
Stay tuned for more Holiday FUN!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Girls Will Be Girls....

Today Mia told me that she wanted to dress up as a princess. She's so funny because she really hasn't shown much interest in princesses......until now. Last Christmas her cousins gave her some princess shoes and a crown and the only time she really shows any desire to wear them is when her little friends come over and want to play dress-up.

So dressing up like a princess requires a princess dress. And without a princess dress, we improvised....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn

I honestly can't look at these pictures without absolutely cracking up.  Mia loved dressing up.  She thought it was the greatest thing to be able to color her hair black.  I, on the other hand, didn't think it was the greatest idea.  That stuff is  MESSY.  However, it was totally worth it in the end {just in laughs}.

Our ward combined with the Oceanside 1st ward for the annual Halloween party and trunk-or-treating. What could be better than a chili cook-off, cupcake contest, costume parade and trunk-or-treating.  Mia was apparently unrecognizable. Her little friend, Kara, was a little confused {see picture below}.
 Mia had a ball at the trunk-or-treat.  As did we. After 5 years, we brought the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies' costumes out of retirement.