Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who doesn't LOVE a gIrL'S wEeKeNd???

I LIVE for Girl's weekends, especially when they are in sunny St. George (80 degrees to be exact).
First, you may be asking yourself, "Did they hire a professional to take these pictures?" Nope....trust Treo to come equipped, tripod and all.

Second, "Seriously? Did you all plan to wear the same color of shirts??" Believe it or not, this was totally coincidental.

Third, "Is that a fan blowing your hair, giving it a natural wind-blown look?" Nope, that's the real wind people. No fans for props!

Fourth, "Marcae, are you really striking that pose."" What??? This isn't America's Next Top Model???"

It's always so refreshing to get away for a weekend, especially with these amazing women. I am already looking forward to next year!

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Debra and Ryan said...

I loved all the pictures!! I am just sad that I was not a part of this photo shoot. But I know that there will be many more photo shoots to come. I can't wait!