Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Kate!!

My heart is so full today as I reflect upon this special day.  Six years ago, our lives changed forever.  I often think about what our lives would be like if Kate was still with us.  Would we be preparing to send her to kindergarten?  What would she look like?  Would she still have a lot of health issues? I miss her more now than the day we said goodbye.  Although the sting of missing her is not as intense, there is not a day that goes by that I don't long to snuggle with her, kiss her and love on her.  I have no doubt in my mind where she is; that she is doing marvelous work.  She is ours.  We will see her again.  I am so grateful for this knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  Having Kate has made me a better {imperfect} person.  I desire to be a better mother, a better wife, daughter and friend.  I am grateful to be a mom.  There truly is no greater calling.  I look forward to seeing Kate again, but until then.....we will celebrate! 

Every year on Kate's birthday, we make a cake.  This year Mia made the request to make a "castle" cake.  I have to laugh because she LOVES watching YouTube clips of baking shows {she's a girl after her mother's heart}.  She found a tutorial on how to make a castle cake and so we gave it a whirl.
Cute little Mia Stewart!!

The finished product!!

My cute little family
Every year we let off balloons; 1 balloon for each year she would be.  We were unable to let off balloons this year due to a worldwide helium shortage.  I sounds silly, but it's true.  We went to who knows how many places to see if we could get some helium balloons with no such luck.

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Lacey said...

You always have such a way with words! Love you and your beautiful family! My favorite part was where you said "She is ours." What a beautiful gift! I feel so blessed to have her apart of my life. Looking forward to celebrating her life again at Apple Fest. Love You!