Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Bryan had to work in Alaska all week, so I packed up the kiddies and we headed for Utah.  What originally started out as a week visit turned into a 2 week visit.  I must say that no matter how long I am in Utah visiting, it never seems like it's long enough.  We were lucky that it had just snowed the day before we arrived.  Mia was in heaven.  I think she ate her body weight in snow. 
As you can see, we're not all that equipped for the snow!
In fact, I found Mia building her snowman in this......
It was so much fun seeing the cousins....
.....and putting on a talent show.
Taking a bow.
We spent time with Grandma Great.  Oh how we've missed her!
....and Grandma Roper too.
As typical Utah weather, it snows one day and the next day the snow is gone.  Luckily we were able to get Kate's grave site decorated with no snow.  There have been years when the ground is completely frozen and haven't been able to put any decorations up.

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