Saturday, December 3, 2011

Show Biz Kids

I put Mia in a little singing performance group, Show Biz Kids.  She loves it and looks forward to going to class each week.  They just had their Christmas performance and it was so cute.  I must admit that it was more comical than anything.  One of the songs they performed was "C is for the Christ Child."  When it got to "M is for the manger where he lay," Mia blurts out "and M is for Mia."  So funny.  She also had a little speaking part.  She had to say, "Even though Christmas has changed a lot over the years, we remember it all started with a little baby."  I wasn't quite sure she was going to get up and do it, but sure enough she went right up to the microphone and said it word for word.  She is learning some fun songs and it melts my heart to hear her singing these songs throughout the house.

The group also had the chance to ride on a float and perform in the Temecula light parade.  I couldn't believe how big the parade was.  I thought there would be a handful of floats.  Nope.  There were over 90 floats in the parade. It was crazy

Here she is with her little friend Rachael at the Christmas performance.

I had some other pictures, but none of them turned out because we couldn't get the flash to work right :(

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The Dumas Family said...

Cute babies. I miss them so much already!