Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Utah Thanksgiving

I love the holidays.  If I had to pick one holiday as my very favorite, I would have to say that it's Thanksgiving.  Last year, we decided to stay in California and I cooked my very first Thanksgiving.  It was different and it was fun, but I missed our family's traditions and swore I would never miss another Utah Thanksgiving again.  It's always fun to be in Fillmore for Thanksgiving.  My mom makes the BEST Thanksgiving dinner.  I hope one day I can measure up to her mad cooking skills.

Mia and her cousins Gavin and Devin. 
 The WHOLE Roper family was there this year!
 The Elite table: Buck & Kirstin, Hailey & Jordan
 First Turkey Day!
 Merek and Gram. They're just about 7 weeks apart.
 Christmas tree hunting!
 Mia couldn't ingest enough snow!
 Quality time with Grandma Great!
 Each year the city of Fillmore puts on a light parade.  This year my dad hooked the Apple Creek Farm wagon, decorated with lights, to the Percheron horses and we all rode in the wagon.  It was so fun, but so cold.  

 Mia was not in the mood for Santa this year.  But she did manage to tell him what she wanted this year. Whew! And Merek? Well he was home in bed while visions of Sugar Plums danced in his head!!

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