Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blast from the Past!

Miranda, Katie, Helmet Hair, Monica, Jamie and Ali
(Gotta love the professional rommie pictures)

I must say that my college years were some of the best. I made some amazing life-long friends. After 11 years, getting married, career changes, having kids and makeovers (ummm...someone should have told me that the lampshade/helmet hairdo is a serious no-no) we still manage to get together quite often. It's been a tradition that with each first baby, we get together for a baby shower/sleepover (except for Jamie because she was in Virginia when little Tyler was born)! Sweet Miranda is expecting her first in December and so we celebrated in Park City. I guess the only thing that is different now than when we were in college is that we used to be able to stay up all hours of the night and manage going to class and still function the next day. Now, we stay up all hours of the night talking, laughing, crying (from laughing so hard) and it takes me a week to recover. Oh is totally worth it.

We haven't changed a bit (okay, maybe just a little)!!!


Miranda said...

Oh, Marcae. The professional roomie picture made me laugh out loud. We were so stylin'.

I am so glad we were roomies. Sure love ya.

The Cavalieri Family said...

You should see our picture. We are in overalls and everything. And your hair was cute. I know cuz I was there!

The Cavalieri Family said...

I had forgotten that I wanted to mention something else. You said nothing would ever beat "whitey bells." That might be right. But the only that could come close would be MA SU MI. I can't type it that way it is sounding in my head. But I can just think back to Wynter and I BEGGING you to pull out "the voice." Those were the days!

katie said...

My oh my. That roomie picture is killing me. So funny. I feel honored to have been your rommie. My life has definitely been enhanced by having you in it!
Sure love ya!

The Simmons Family said...

I LOVE pictures from the past....the hair,the clothes...claasic. Jamie looks SO familiar...from cheerleading at Bingham?

Cute pic.


Jamie said...

I don't know why no one told me my phase was 3 sizes too large. You guys could have stopped me from eating the entire box of lipton alfredo...
Love the pics and my cute roomies!

Jen Roper said...

Ok, it has been WAY too long (I am sorry!) You look so great and MIA is SOOOOO CUTE. I love her. She is grwoing so fast (just like my little Trent.)

Glad all is well!