Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Little Munchkin.....Literally!

Mia is 4-months-old.....Actually 4 1/2-months-old now. We are loving every new little thing that she does. Along with drooling like crazy STILL, she has become a master at rolling over (especially at night waking herself up frequently....ahhhh). But, we think she's finally getting used to being on her back (which I never thought we would see the day). Last week Mia had her 4 month well check. This is how she measured up:

Weight.....a hefty 14 lbs. 9 oz. (61 percentile)
Height......23 inches and she's in the .......drum roll please.....5 percentile

So in other words, Mia is short and chubby. But looking at her parents, she is destined to be a little on the vertically challenged side.

We also started rice cereal.....oh boy! Let's just say it's been an experience. The problem is Mia likes it so much, but we can't get it to her fast enough so she ends up getting frustrated. Therefore she ends up getting it via the bottle. It's so much fun and not to mention, entertaining. She's actually getting better at it . I guess practice makes perfect.


Russ & Candace said...

Don't you love how they learn to spoon feed. It's frustrating for them and frustrating for us! She is getting so big! You've got to LOVE the bumbo.

katie said...