Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shining Stars Preschool Program

 Tonight was Mia's preschool program and I am sitting here thinking, "where in the world did this year go?"  Before we moved from Oceanside, I had Mia signed up for a preschool there.  Having moved 2 months into the school year, I was afraid that I wouldn't get Mia into a class.  As I asked around for recommendations, Miss Michelle came highly recommended but she was all full.  I ended up calling her just to see if she happened to have a wait list I could get Mia on and she told me she just had a student move and had an opening.  Mia had such a great experience and we are looking forward to coming back next school year!

{The kids were able to bring 2 things that most represented them. Mia chose to display her Rapunzel dress and her soccer ball.}
 {The program was darling; filled with singing and dancing and following a patriotic theme.}

 {Mia, Ian, Hannah, London, Bryce, Bailee, Cade, Whitney}

 {The square-dancing was, by far, my favorite. Aren't these kiddos adorable?}

 {Mia was given the "Cinderella Award!" Surprise, Surprise :)}
 {Mia and Miss Michelle}

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