Monday, June 6, 2011

Let The Summer Begin

This week Mia started her swimming lessons and gymnastics.  I signed her up 2 weeks ago and every morning when she would get up she would ask, "Is it time to go to my lessons?"  This morning I was finally able to tell her "Yes! it's time for lessons."  She loves being in the water, but has been relying on her floaties whenever she's in the pool and so I want her to learn some good swimming skills.  So far so good!

I've been thinking about what activities to sign Mia up for the summer.  She has so much energy and is always jumping around and doing little flips.  I looked into dance and gymnastics and after doing a trial run of gymnastics, I knew this was something she would really love.  The first time she went to class, however, she was so shy and didn't want to do any of the stretching exercises with the other kids.  I thought, "oh no.....maybe this was not the best choice." But, as soon as it was time to go to the balance beam she was the first one in line. 

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The Dumas Family said...

Yay for Mia in gymnastics - she'll be the cutest little gymnast ever! Give her kisses for us. Try to take it easy this next little bit. You've definitely earned a rest. I hope you'll come to Utah again (obviously after the baby) despite your train wreck of a trip here. Kate's grave looks so nice. We sure miss her!