Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date

Our friends, the Leishmans, were here in August visiting for the weekend and it was been so much fun spending some time with them and catching up. Bryan took a {much needed} day off of work and spent the day at Legoland with Mia, Mike and his 2 boys. Shortly after they left I get a text from Bryan informing me that between 2 adults and 3 kids they spent a total of $58 on admission. I thought to myself, "hmmm.....that doesn't add up." With the discount passes, we figured it would cost around $150. Well for those of you who know Bryan, you know he is a wheeling-dealing kindda guy. So to make a long story short, we ended up having to attend a Hilton timeshare presentation in exchange for $100 gift certificate to Legoland. I've been to a few timeshare presentations and it's probably on my list of least favorite things to do. However, when it comes to saving a buck.....I'm all over it.

Mike, McKay & Talmage

Miss Mia teaching Talmage a thing or two about driving.

Bryan's such a good daddy. They had a ball and it was a {much needed} break for me :) Total win-win situation.

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Abbie said...

We just spent the weekend at Legoland. Sure wish we could have gotten in for that price! The kids had fun though except for the wet weather.