Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Festivities

October has been crazy busy for us. We finally made it down to Fillmore to decorate Kate's grave site for Fall. Mia LOVES to play with and rearrange the decor. I was glad to finally get it up before the snow starts to fall. I must say that the cemetery, during the fall, is about the prettiest it gets all year round.

South Ridge Farms with IHH
We spent an evening at South Ridge Farms with IHH {Intermountain Healing Hearts} members and families. I love this place, especially the fresh apple cider and pumpkin ice cream. We took a hay wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch and picked out our prize pumpkin.

Miss Madison Turns "3!"
Mia's little friend, Madison, turned 3 and so we helped her celebrate at the Live Planet Aquarium. We have never been, so it was fun seeing all the fish and sea creatures.
Happy Birthday Maddy!
Checking out all the birthday loot!
Mia's favorite were definitely the Stingray.
It's a tradition in Bryan's family that during the Priesthood session of General Conference all the women and kids have a night out. This year we went to Hee Haw Farms. We have never been before and this place was so much fun. We started the night out by picking a pumpkin out of Grandma Rosenvall's pumpkin patch. This one was Mia's favorite pick!
We took a hay wagon ride out through the corn fields.....
.....and even took a ride in a rooster
Grandma Rich sure loved the hay wagon ride.


Lacey said...

Welcome back! You've been so busy not to mention you went to EUROPE!

Ruth H. said...

I love the way you decorated Kate's graveside! We live too far away from Lily's to be able to do things like that--we have to leave it up to family members who live closer, which I regret. When we visited this summer, the kids loved playing in the cemetary and looking at how everyone had decorated. I was surprised and happy that we could make happy memories there, too!

Meladie said...

Wait...you went to Europe?? Anyway, it looks like you HAVE been busy. Seriously, Mia is just too adorable! All those pics are just so cute. I loved Kate's decorated graveside. Very

Sarah and Jeremy said...

Yeah when did you go to Europe no post??? You all look great and looks like you're havin a gerat fall with all the pumpkins! We miss you and think about you all the time. :)