Monday, May 11, 2009

One Lucky Mama!

Happy Mother's Day To Me!!

Pretty much the luckiest Mom I know!


The Funderburks said...

What a darling little girl! I love your hair Marcae!

Shane & Laina said...

Great shot of you and your sweet girl!

holli said...

I love the picture of the two of cute! BTW...I love your hair!

The Hawaiian Howells said...

you are one of the cutest moms I have ever seen that is for sure, and one of the most amazing mom's. love megan

Treo Sanders said...

What a cute pic of the two of you. thats a framer for sure. Love the hair. It looks great. Way to be daring. It will be back down to your butt before you know it. You're so lucky.
Love you, miss you.
Your BFF

katie said...

You are such a great Mom & gorgeous girl! How is it possible to "be it all?"
Please help your friend.