Sunday, May 18, 2008

Miss Orem

My cute cousin Kandice was a contestant of the Miss Orem pagent last night. My mom, my 2 sisters-in-law, Kirstin and SuSan, my niece, Drew and I ditched the hubbys for the night and had so much fun at the pagent. Kandice did such a great job and walked away as the 2nd runner up. The best part was the talent portion of the pagent. While all the contestants did either a song or dance number, Kandice rocked the competition with a karate/numchuck routine. She has been involved with karate for many, many years. It was amazing!! We are so happy for her. Congrats Kandice!


The Faddis Family said...

Hi Marcae! Yesterday I was at Lacey's little sister's homecoming reunion... and we had a good time catching up. She said that you were doing pretty good... and that Mia is just a doll... which I already knew. Anyways, you look so good, and wish I could bounce back the way you have after your babies... it seems to take me several months to squeeze back in to my clothes. Anyways, I just wanted you know that you look great... and sometimes you just need to hear that!

katie said...

So impressed!
I would have loved to see her talent. Has she taught you any of her moves?
Thanks so much for stopping by and surprising me the other day. It was too much fun! The cookies were unbelievable!